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Some of the best organizations choose to partner with us for their competency development



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We offer training, interventions and consultancy to organizations for enhancing their capabilities and competitiveness in a sustainable manner. Our core competence lies in Business Analysis, Project Management, Program Management, Business Process Management (BPM) and Leadership Development. We help businesses do business better by using a unique combination of assessment, tailored improvements, trainings, coaching and mentoring. Our efforts are constantly focused towards seeking excellence and thereby reaching every organization to its true potential.

Our approach to training is a very practical one, emphasizing industry best practices while helping the students put these skills in context for their own organization and jobs.  Our courses are extremely interactive and workshop-based, giving the students maximum opportunity to practice their skills while learning from each other.  This results in students being able to immediately apply their new skills as soon as they get back to their desks. 

We focus on the behavioral changes required to deliver sustainable improvements.

We bring you standard or customized training programs, either as public course or in-house course. We develop practical in-house learning solutions as well as bring the best in class expertise through our partnerships and strategic alliances.

We are focused on to deliver high performance and value creation for our customers. We are committed to our clients’ success and their need for continuous improvement, competency development, cost-effective growth and innovation. This commitment drives all of Vellicate operations, including partnerships with the leading organizations, the caliber of talent we recruit and retain, the training and coaching that we provide to our employees and our customers. 

This means you get the expertise needed to solve complex business problems.

Vellicate Advantages     


We bring 20+ years of extensive experience working with some of the leading global organizations through partnerships and strategic alliances. We have highly experienced trainers and consultants with a proven track record to assure you of an engaging and powerful delivery.


Our consultants have following qualities in common:
• A passion for creating & delivering effective and powerful trainings
• Experience in business
• An approach which blends expertise with an openness to learn
• The ability to get on and work with people at all levels
• Experience of working in a variety of industry verticals
This means you get the experience needed to do the work professionally.  
Following attributes make our courses the best in the industry.


All the courses are based on the industry best practices and standards.

IIBA®, PMI® and ABPMP® have put in collective effort of highly experienced professionals and volunteers from various industry verticals to develop their Body of Knowledge (BoK). These standards emerged after years of collective research and have proved to be the best guiding principles for the businesses. Thousands of corporates and professionals have benefited from them all over the world and have been practicing these principles for a very long time. Therefore, we decided to base all our programs on BABOK® of IIBA, PMBOK® of PMI and BPM-CBOK® of ABPMP. Our courses will earn you CDUs or PDUs for earning your certification or maintaining them.


The courses are developed by those who have contributed to the development of BABOK® and PMBOK®.

Please refer the Appendix C of BABOK and PMBOK to notice that Elizabeth Larson, Co-founder and CEO of Watermark Learning and Richard Larson, Co-founder and President of Watermark Learning are the key contributors to the development of these standards. Hence we understand the rationale behind the knowledge areas, tasks and techniques which reflects in all our courses. No wonder, the course material and exercises help participants, learn, retain and apply the learning on the job!

Exclusive Partnership: 


EngageMe™ Methodology

Watermark have unique methods of delivering Engaging Trainings, All our trainings involves case studies, exercises and tools that makes the class room live and engaging. We have huge inventory of practical tools and templates making the application of the concepts easier.


Self-study material and reference sheets

High quality reference material, such as Watermark CBAP® Certification Preparation Study Guide V2.0 and The Watermark Influencing Formula make participants to learn the concepts at their own pace. Our students can refresh their memories in as little time as 10 minutes and ensure that there knowledge is never rusty! These are the industry bestselling product used in more than 60 countries and have received great feedback.


Online Study Exam Simulators

While preparing for the certification, it is important to know your weak areas so that you can spend time improving them. Our Online Certification Preparation Exam Simulators have a large question bank. The questions have same in tone and quality as the real exam and their answers are very well explained. This provides you the desired confidence to pass the exam and identify the areas that need further improvement. These tools have been used in more than 60 countries and have been found the most effective preparation resource.

We are innovative and creative with passion for excellence. We deliver results. 



We invest our time in getting to know your people and your business, because the better the understanding the closer is the fit. We talk to your HR, Learning and Development or Business teams about the training needs. We talk to the management team about their perspective on the required outcomes. And we talk to the participants about their view of the role, their challenges and training needs. Training proposals are then designed to deliver the desired results.

This means the education is imparted around your organization’s culture and business needs.

This means the education is imparted around your organization’s culture and business needs.



We design and deliver training to help your people work more effectively. We focus on the technical, conceptual and behavioral aspects of learning. We will help to more closely define your needs in terms of how training might be able to help. Our clients choose us for our quality, flexibility, performance and ease of doing business. We partner with clients to deliver better business results. 


This means you get exactly what you want and how you want it.

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