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PgMP Certification Preparation Training


In-person class room: 4 full days (9:00 AM – 5:30 PM)

Why Take This Course

This intense 4-day examination preparation workshop is designed to prepare students for the Project Management Institute’s (PMI)® Program Management Professional (PgMP)® examination. Students learn test-taking tips and strategies and get hands-on experience with the tools and techniques they need to understand for the test. Discussion of the extensive materials covering all of the concepts and best practices in project management get reinforced through individual work, group exercises, and practice tests.

Vellicate offers a small class learning environment led by experienced and expertly trained instructors. This workshop is consistent with the framework of knowledge outlined by PMIStandard for Program Management, 3rd Ed and PgMP® Exam Content Outline, Apr’11

Learn How To

  • Follow the process and requirements guidelines for applying for the PgMP® Certification exam.
  • Expect increased confidence about taking a timed exam.
  • Anticipate the types of questions that appear on the exam and how to answer them.
  • Identify the principles and processes described in the PgMP® Exam Content Outline.
  • Identify the program management knowledge areas, process groups, and the relationships among them.
  • Identify the key inputs and outputs of the program management processes.
  • Use the major tools and techniques described by PMI.
  • Apply the principles defined in the PMI® Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct to their program management practice.



  • Welcome
    • Introductions
    • Ground rules
    • Class tips
    • Objectives for the class
    • Inclusions and Out of Scope
    • Insights Learning “Wheel”
  • The Overview of PgMP Certification
    • Exam eligibility
    • Applying for the exam
    • Testing tips
    • Study tips
    • Test results
    • How to prepare
    • Making a Plan to Pass!
  • Introduction to Program Management Framework
    • What is a program?
    • What is program management?
    • Relationship Between Project, Program and Portfolio Management
    • The Program Life Cycle and it’s Phases
    • Introduction to the Program Management Knowledge Areas and Processes
  • Strategic Program Management
    • Define strategy
    • Identifying opportunities and benefits that achieve the organizatio’s strategic objectives through program implementation
    • Program management processes
    • Program management lifecycle
    • Key program stakeholders
  • Program Lifecycle
    • Initiating the program
      • Define the program's mission statement
      • Translate strategic objectives
      • Develop high level milestones
      • Develop accountability matrix
      • Establish project management standards
      • Define meaningful measurement criteria for success
      • Obtain senior management approval
      • Conduct program kick off
    • Planning the program
      • Develop the program's scope statement, scope definition, management plan and transition plan
      • Optimize program plan by reviewing and leveling human resource requirements
      • Define the project management information system to optimize the program
    • Executing the program
      • Charter constituent projects
      • Motivate the team
      • Capture program status
      • Consolidate program/project data
      • Allocate resources
      • Establish program consistency
      • Execute the appropriate program plan
      • Approve closure of constituent projects
    • Controlling the program
      • Monitoring the progress
      • Recognize need for updating the program plans and update them as required
      • Managing change
      • Managing risk
    • Closing the program
      • Complete a performance analysis
      • manage program completion
      • conduct a stakeholder post-review meeting
      • report lessons learned
  • Program Benefit Management
    • Categories of Benefits
    • Understanding the Benefits Realization Management Process
    • Linking Strategic Program Management to Benefits Realization Management
    • Understanding Global Frameworks for Organizational Change Management
    • Developing the Benefits Dependency Map
    • Scoring the Benefits Dependency Map
    • Developing the Program Architecture Baseline
    • Developing the Benefits Realization Register
  • Program Stakeholder Management
    • Stakeholder Management Processes
    • Stakeholder Analysis Matrix
    • Developing the Benefits Distribution Matrix by Stakeholder
    • Stakeholder Management Strategy
  • Program Governance
    • Program Governance Processes
    • Program Governance Structure
    • Program Governance Plan
    • Developing the Benefits Realization Report
    • Graphically Representing the Benefits Realization Report
    • Understanding the Role of a Program Management Office (PMO)
  • Program Integration Management
  • Program Scope Management
  • Program Time Management
  • Developing a Master Schedule with MS Project®
  • Program Financial Management
  • Program Quality Management
  • Program Human Resource Management
  • Program Communications Management
  • Program Risk Management
    • Understanding the Program Complexity Model
    • Identifying Program-Level Risks
  • Program Procurement Management
  • PgMP® Certification Exam Application Process
    • Understanding the PgMP® Certification Exam Application Process
    • Filling in the Program Experience Summaries
  • Practice Tests



A combination of lecture, facilitated discussion and exercises, and numerous practice tests contribute to a successful learning environment. Each participant will receive a comprehensive student course manual.

Who Should Attend

  • This course is intended for senior project professionals qualified to sit for the PgMP® certification exam.
  • Individuals currently managing programs or multiple projects.
  • Project Managers aspiring to either become Program Managers or to better understand the program and how it impacts and is impacted by projects.
  • Individuals involved in Project Portfolio Management and members of the Program Management Office (PMO).
  • Product Managers and IT Application Managers working in a program environment.



Before taking this course, students must fulfill the requirements for sitting for the PgMP® exam:

  • A bachelor’s degree and 6000 hours of project management experience and 6000 hours of program management experience, or
  • No degree and 6000 hours of project management experience and 10500 hours of program management experience

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