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Business Analysis and Requirements Engineering CoE Development

A ‘Business Analysis and Requirements Engineering’ Center of Excellence, is an excellent way to increase BA / RE maturity and drive more value to your business. It brings an enterprise focus to many business issues, including data ntegration, project management, enterprise architecture, and business and IT optimization, along with enterprise-wide access to information. Let’s do a small test. Answering YES to one or more of these questions may indicate that your BA / REmaturity is not at an ideal level.

  • Are your customers dissatisfied?
  • Do your business and IT stakeholders frequently have dissimilar interpretations of requirements?
  • Does your business analysis process fail to address the five types of requirements?
  • Are business cases seldom prepared or used only for funding purposes? Are they written accurately and completely and shared with stakeholders? At project conclusion, do actual results differ from those indicated in the business plan?
  • After the requirements elicitation process, are stakeholders still involved in the project until it’s time for acceptance testing? Are they given opportunities to track their needs and scenarios, comment on requirements, and stay engaged in the process?
  • Do your solution alternatives consider impacts on stakeholders, business processes, and IT services?
  • Is your requirements elicitation haphazard?
  • Are key stakeholders often excluded in requirements elicitation?
  • Are important requirements frequently missed? Are they captured for one project, but overlooked on the next? Is your organization using no tool – or the wrong tool – to visualize what’s needed, by whom, and when?
  • Do frequent and often unnecessary requirements changes delay projects? Do you have a way to manage change and keep projects on time, on budget, and on scope?
  • Are ROI or other measures of financial benefits not estimated and measured on projects?


Vellicate’s 3-step process for setting up the CoE


Step 1: BA / RE Practice Maturity Assessment



An independent appraisal of organizational practices


Provides a foundation for advancement

How is it used?

Determines where we are today; where we want to be in the future

How is it conducted?

Uses an appraisal process based on assessment best practices

BA / RE practices assessed against what?

Current capabilities are compared to a BA / RE Practice Maturity Model based on BA / RE industry best practices


Step 2: Building a capable workforce

Whether you work in Agile or Waterfall, whether you work on simple in-house projects or mega business transformation projects, Vellicate Technologies has a solution to offer. Based on the assessment and gap analysis, we recommend you the competency development interventions that will help you attain the desired BA / RE maturity.

Our recommendations consider a 360o view of your organization:

  1. Present and anticipated project complexity

The CoE has to be designed to support your project success. The process and people capabilities need to be defined at appropriate level for the project success. Vellicate uses a 9-point project complexity assessment framework. The result of project assessment is used to define your CoE.

  1. Organizational focus for the CoE

We work with you to determine the short to medium term focus of the CoE on a four point scale from purely operational focus to business strategy focus. The recommended competencies and methodologies are aligned with your organizational needs.

  1. Develop capable workforce

We use Dreyfus model to map the competencies of BAs on a 5-point scale. Based on the demand derived from project complexity assessment, our highly experienced consultants work with you to define the competency profile that you need. This includes number of people at each of the 5 cpmpetency maturity level.

As your trusted adviser, we define the programs to develop these skills, which may include Business Analysis, Project Management, Agile, Busiiness Process Management or Influencing and Leadership. With Vellicate, you have an option to choose from 50 premium course.We also customize courses to meet your needs.

  1. Process Maturity

Vellicate uses a 5-level process maturity framework - Initial, Defined, Aligned, Managed and Optimized. Your processes are assessed against the standards and recommendations are made to mature your processes to the next level.


Step 3: Sustaining & reinforcing BA / RE practices

BA / RE maturity is a continuous journey. Vellicate works with you at every step to reinforce the learning,assess other opportunities and implement a continuous improvement program. We review progress at set intervals, such as 3, 6, 9 months after the initial engagement.

We provide Open coaching - an open set of hours to meet with your teams or individuals and answer their questions on any of the business analysis activities such as:

  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Requirements discovery sessions
  • Requirements analysis
  • Requirements modeling and documentation
  • Prioritization techniques
  • Business case
  • Business requirements documents
  • Scope/context diagrams
  • Traceability matrix
  • Process models
  • Data models (entity-relationship models)
  • Use case models (primary and alternate paths, includes, extends, generalizations)
  • Storyboards, wireframes and prototypes

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